(My) Writing

On (My) Writing Write a narrative that shows and gives language to how change might look. Reckon with complicity. Ask, “How am I aligning myself with power?” Note: Sometimes I need to leave the country in order to fully see home. Don’t be swayed by the perceived danger associated with showing emotion.    On (My) Reasons For Writing How do I consider the efficacy of … Continue reading (My) Writing

Walking to RDU – Well, Almost

The previous night I stuffed my backpack with items I plan to lug across the country between January and June 2018. And though the contents added up to nearly 30 pounds, they mostly resembled what I’d haul on a two night, no-frills camping trip. The basic essentials including a day’s worth of high-calorie snacks and 6 total liters of water. Turns out one liter of … Continue reading Walking to RDU – Well, Almost