I Planned to Delete My Facebook Account…

…but then I learned my two business pages and one artist page will also be deleted if I deactivate my personal page. And then I also considered the amazing support from tons of folks who used Facebook to track my walk and the progress of my book. And then I thought of my mom, and how much she enjoys following her five kids on the platform. Turns out I was all talk and am not ready to get out after all. So I’m changing my plan. Or, better stated, I am delaying it.

Rather than cancel my account this Friday (March 22), I am going to keep it live until my book is published. That’ll give me enough time to figure out how to re-strategize all my other Facebook pages without feeling like I am pulling the plug prematurely. Probably I am overthinking this, but that’s where I’m at.

But still, if you were one of the people who sent me your snail mail address, you should still expect to get a postcard from me. And like I said, if you write me back, I’ll reciprocate. We’ll see where all that goes. I’m still down for some old school stamps and envelopes. Plus, I like to analyze other people’s handwriting.

Though a part of me feels like I am reneging, I’m going to let my account ride for just a bit longer. I still am not down with Facebook’s policies and how hackable our profiles are. But alas, I will risk it for a few more months. All I can say is if you get an obscure message from me, don’t engage. I’ll never reach out without context or details.

So that’s that. For now anyhow. 


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