(My) Writing

On (My) Writing

Write a narrative that shows and gives language to how change might look.

Reckon with complicity.

Ask, “How am I aligning myself with power?”

Note: Sometimes I need to leave the country in order to fully see home.

Don’t be swayed by the perceived danger associated with showing emotion. 


On (My) Reasons For Writing

How do I consider the efficacy of my work?

Do I take risks without assuming I will benefit from the risk?

Note: Humans exist in silos. Art is the bridge.

If my ambition is given more attention than curiosity, the order of the world gets fucked up.


On (My) Motivation

Question: With whom do spend time and feel regenerated? What about our togetherness is magical?

Community is necessary.

Connection is necessary.

I am (necessary).


On (My) Personal Narrative

Might it be beneficial to unlearn a language I first learned?

[“Porn was the first place I experienced the truth of myself.” —Alexander Chee]

Note: Buy queer books and not from Amazon.

The life of an artist: being told no.

The life of an artist: hot belly fire, stoked.


On (My) Life as a Writer

Questions about my craft are ultimately questions about how I live. 

I will become a better writer by allowing myself to be more interested in the world.

I will become a better writer by writing.

I must tell my stories. Why? They are not mine to keep.



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