My Walk Across America Book Status!

Right now I am working a long-term consulting gig in Portland, Oregon while doing a little juggling act with my book writing. The overall book project is about 75% complete! But just like the walk, I am focused on the process more than the product.

As luck would have it, a month ago I had coffee with a publisher who “wants to see more.” Since then I’ve been fine-tuning my query letter and book excerpts and will soon send it off for their review. Fingers crossed!

Meanwhile, next week I am attending a literary conference in Portland (AWP) and plan to hustle my work in progress to as many small presses as possible. Just trying to get lots of eyes on the manuscript while hoping that maybe one will be interested and I can dive into that learning process.

Currently I’m loving my temporary stint and spending a lot of time focused on all it entails. But I am also getting in a few 6am writing sessions each week at a kick ass café (Barista) – a convenient 5-minute walk from my apartment. Keeping this schedule is not easy, but I’m making (sh)it happen.

If you’d like to kick down some support money to help me fund my full-time writing life in Q3 & Q4, please consider donating to my GoFundMe campaign. Any donation over $50 gets you a copy of the book when it’s done. Artists need support! Thanks for yours!

Once this walking adventure is done I can start planning another. Can’t wait to reveal what’s to come. 🙂

Big love.




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