Leaving Las Facebook

Last week my Facebook account got hacked. I learned about it when my brother texted me with a screenshot of a request he received, seemingly from me, with a simple message that said, “hello.” Turns out a bunch of other people got the same message. Many of whom saw my familiar profile photo an engaged “me” in conversation. It was not, however, me with whom they chatted. It was an imposter claiming to be me, and also claiming to need their financial assistance. It’s a scam we’ve all heard about, but one I’d never personally had to deal with.

I did a FB account search for “Tom Griffen” and found two accounts. The real me, and this newly created fake me. Hard to tell the difference. So I sent the fake me a PM and began a conversation. Here’s a screen shot. My words are in blue:


I regret beginning our banter as I did, but I was upset. I felt violated. My heart was racing and I was afraid of what all this meant. In between responses I checked my bank balances, my credit card statement, and figured how to get free access to my credit reports. Safe to say I was freaking out. I reported “me” to Facebook more than half a dozen times, then blocked the fake me from my account. As much as I wanted to dig deeper into this person’s psyche and explore why I was targeted, I knew continuing this chat would only stress me out more. I put it behind me and decided this was the last straw.

Today I published this on my page. Another screen shot:

Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 12.39.51 PM

I’ve already received a handful of addresses for new pen pals, and sideline notes from friends sorry to see me go. I’ve also sensed a strange feeling from some folks who seem bothered by me removing myself from the medium. And I don’t think it’s just me projecting my own concern for leaving a space I’ve occupied for more than ten years. This makes me wonder – is this sort of move witnessed as mildly revolutionary and, thus, something to sneer at? To question because it goes against the grain? Whatever the case, I’ve had enough.

I admit that it is a little contradictory to stay on Instagram given my fear of security and what-not. But for now that’s where I am at. The future will change things. But that’s for me to decide.

To me, Facebook is not a joy. It’s not a delight. If anything, it’s a leash to which I allow myself to remain connected (and for reasons that don’t pass muster). But the prospect of severing ties on 3/22 fills me with glee. So off I go.

If you’ve joined me here in lieu of Facebook, thank you. Plenty more things to come.


4 thoughts on “Leaving Las Facebook

  1. Yes you are so right about the security of FB. Hackers are scum. Our society it so hooked on FB. It is just one more way to separate families from interacting with each other. The violation you sustained is unfortunate and I am so sorry you went through that. There are so many bad people out there who take advantage of good people. I enjoy reading about my family and seeing pictures of the kids as they grow. This is also one good way to keep in touch when they are miles away. Too bad folks have to ruin it. Well Tom, I’m here on your website. I’ll keep in touch.
    God Speed.
    Your Friend from the tiny town in
    Emmet, Arkansas,
    Shawna Boyd 😀


  2. Yeah man…right on. I think a LOT about getting rid of all of it. I literally dream daily of life without my phone and laptop. It all seemed so sexy when I set out to become self employed doing social media management years back. Sure, I can work from anywhere. But now I literally have to look at FB and IG and Twitter…every.single.day. If I don’t, I can’t make a living. And when you flip it like that, and it’s mandatory to look and LIKE and post, one’s perspective on these so-called “social media” outlets changes. I am already looking for the exit and different ways to work for myself that don’t involve mandatory “social” media contact.

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  3. Sorry to hear you are leaving ‘Las FB,’ but I understand completely. I don’t believe I got the ‘hello’ message, thankfully. Will look forward to your blog posts and hope to stay in touch! Wishing you all the best! Helene (from NCC)


  4. Hi. You are not alone in leaving Facebook. And I suspect you will be just fine without it. I am now getting back on the internet after logging off of FB a few years ago (still not on FB). Coming back is almost like moving to a whole new country! Best of luck.


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