Post-Walk Across America: Walk(ed)

Hi folks!

On 7/25 I finished my 3410-mile journey across the USA. Had a shaky start, was delayed early with injuries resulting from extreme hydration, but rebounded fine. Took me 205 days to get from Santa Monica, CA to Coney Island, NY.

My final stretch included a few adjustments: Gettysburg to Philadelphia to Sandy Hook, NJ where I camped with nudist swingers. Then a Seastreak ferry into Manhattan, a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, and a dive into the Atlantic without even taking off my floppy hat. A thrilling moment.

What started as a me-centric trip quickly turned into a walk focused on people. And kindness. And the unbridled love that comes from the combination of purposeful vulnerability and curiosity.

I didn’t want the trip to end. But it doesn’t have to. In fact, I’m already considering the next adventure. I can’t get enough of this stuff.

Thanks for your support and encouragement along the way.

Big Love!


You can still follow my journey by reading the daily blogs I wrote:

Instagram: @tomswalkacrossamerica

Podcast: My Walking Life (find it on iTunes or wherever you listen). NOTE: Though we’ve published 25 episodes, we are still a bit behind. Eventually we’ll have the entire trip documented. May take a while still.

Facebook: Tom Griffen

GoFundMe: My campaign closes on 8/1/18. Any donations between now and then will go towards my “reentry”. here. And thanks for supporting me!

Twitter: @tomswalkacross

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