Esfumarse (to vanish)

After cleaning my flat and stashing a fresh Andrew Jackson in a Coca-Cola bottle for my gracious hosts, I secured my backpack, left the two sets of keys on the kitchen counter, and locked the doors behind me. There was no going back. I marched around the corner to a new café I’d just learned was minutes from my front door – Cucurucho – where I had … Continue reading Esfumarse (to vanish)

Hasta Mi Próximo Corte de Pelo

I’ve got less than 48 hours before I leave Mexico City and my motivation to wander outweighs my desire to write. And bonus, the weather here couldn’t be better: mid-70s, clear slight breeze. A jeans and t-shirt sort of deal. As I explore Roma Norte, however, I am the one under-dressed. Most everyone else has busted out scarves and puffy jackets. My guess is it’s … Continue reading Hasta Mi Próximo Corte de Pelo

Mexico City: Traditional Hand-Made Yummy

I started the shortest day of 2016 at my new favorite local joint—Fruta Editorial. Yesterday when I stopped in for a juice, the employees, Paulina and Arturo, insisted that at some point I try their chilaquitos, a breakfast bowl. Today I did, and chose the Cabra Verde: beans and fried tortilla as the base, then topped with onion, spinach, avocado, cilantro sauce, and goat cheese. … Continue reading Mexico City: Traditional Hand-Made Yummy

Love in the Federal District: Getting a Feel For Mexico City’s Coffee Culture

Author’s note: This piece was originally written for specialty coffee magazine Fresh Cup but cancelled at the last minute when their competitor, Daily Coffee News, printed a different piece I wrote about Mexico City coffee. I spent way too much time on it not to share it somewhere. Here’ll do. I stooped to peer through a jagged heart carved into the iron door. It was barely … Continue reading Love in the Federal District: Getting a Feel For Mexico City’s Coffee Culture

Unpacking My Bags

I don’t know where to start. I don’t know how to arrange what’s in my mind. On Thursday, September 2, 2016, the 20 year old Stanford student who raped a woman while she was passed-out drunk got out of prison after serving three months for his crime. Three months. During summer break, no less. This young man spent an insulting 90-days behind bars after brutally imposing … Continue reading Unpacking My Bags

The Classic Modern

I like VWs. Old ones. Mostly transporter vans from the 1960s and 70s and Vanagons from the 80s. But really, I’m not too picky. Except when it comes to the modern day bug, or that hideous Euro van. Neither compares to the iconic past designs. For the past few years I’ve often heard of Volkswagen’s plans to unveil a modern version of the original transport van, … Continue reading The Classic Modern

Tour de Espresso: Chiquitito Café (Cuauhtémoc)

I didn’t expect to make it to this café. Didn’t really have time to battle a busy midday Metro. Today was my last day in DF and I had to get to the airport by 4:00pm. And that was preceded by a full schedule including a visit to the National Museum of Anthropology, a stop at Palacio Postal to mail some cards, and a once-over … Continue reading Tour de Espresso: Chiquitito Café (Cuauhtémoc)