Café Irecrís (Roma Sur)

Café Irecrís wasn’t on Arturo Hernandez’s list. But had I not been wandering en route to one of his recommendations, I’d never have found this gem. Funny how things work out.

Irecrís doesn’t have a proper storefront. Currently it is a vendor at the Sundays-only Mercado el Cien in Colonia Roma Sur. Mercado el Cien isn’t your typical market. It’s a high end and high quality gathering of various specialty businesses looking to get their unique products to discerning customers. I hit up a handful of merchants, but definitely was most impressed with the service and hospitality I received for the price of an espresso shot, 15 pesos (about US$1.00). Passion doesn’t consider price.

Cristobal pulled the shot and Denise took my money. I didn’t expect the two transactions to be handled separately but I quite enjoyed it. Such a small gesture, but one that made it clear their commitment to quality.

First thing I noticed was the nose (not sure if analyzing the aroma of coffee uses the same terminology as the wine industry, but I’m using it anyhow). I liken a good nose to a waft of a good meal—there’s nothing like it and it’s a precursor to pure joy. A deep inhale relaxed my shoulders, made me close my eyes, and suddenly all was right with the world. Before taking a sip, I looked at Cristobal and Denise and said something like, “oh my God this smells amazing!” They smiled and nodded humbly, but there was that fantastic twinkle in their eyes that told me that yeah, they already knew that.

I walked around the market while enjoying my espresso. It was extra hot, just how I like it, and dark brindle brown with bubbles a shade or two lighter. A gorgeous pull. As for the taste, I’d say it perfectly aligned with its aromatic quality. An immediate silken sabrosa, a soft kiss with no bitter aftertaste.

I returned to the booth to tell Cristobal and Denise how much I enjoyed my espresso. That it made my morning. They thanked me profusely, and I asked if I could take their photograph. While I was snapping away, another one of their customers stopped to chide Cristobal a bit, prodding him to smile and not be so serious. ¡Sonreise!

And he should, because with such marvelous, invigorating product, Café Irecrís definitely has plenty to smile about.

LOCATION: Mercado del Cien, Colonia Roma Sur (the corner of Antonio M. Anza and Orizaba). Sundays, 10:30-3:30.


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