Countdown Story #1: Safford, AZ

I trade morning frost on my tent for a midday sunburn. Dodge angry thorns and rattlesnake carcasses, and flick a scorpion off my pant leg. Vehicles fly past at triple digits, leaving leave behind a trail of empty beer cans and Gatorade bottles of piss. All day the desert dares me to let my guard down. All day I focus on the rippling horizon and … Continue reading Countdown Story #1: Safford, AZ

Draft #1 COMPLETE!!

That photo of me with my arms stretched out is old. Like, 7 years old. But it well represents how I’m feeling right now. Singing from the highest mountaintop (which in NC isn’t all that high). Breathing a sigh of relief, for the time being, anyhow. Today I finished the first major draft of my book. And it’s by pure coincidence that I began writing … Continue reading Draft #1 COMPLETE!!

Book Status And More

Back in late February, I left my home in Carrboro, NC and drove cross country to Portland, OR. I temporarily settled in the Rose City and am working a long-term, on-site consulting contract with one of my premier clients. Upon arrival, I tried to incorporate book-writing into my daily schedule. But unlike writers who work their manuscript into a busy life, I shelved my work-in-progress … Continue reading Book Status And More