Carrboro to Hillsborough

Love, Not Hate When I was a kid, I was pissed off. Red-faced most of the time. Anger was my default emotion and served as the stand-in for most other feelings. Frustration, sadness, embarrassment, intimidation, even happiness or appreciation were all expressed through anger in some weird way or another. Safe to say that years of therapy have helped me manage this tendency. Which doesn’t mean I’m ‘fixed’. No way. But I am able to healthily recognize when less-experienced emotions get the shove from the more comfortable feeling of anger or rage. But I’d be lying if I said anger…

Mexico City Love Project (#2)

After sleeping in later than planned, running 15 laps around Parque México, then eating a bowl of oats and a tortilla smothered in peanut butter, I finally left my apartment for a 5-hour walk around my neighborhood. My intention – meet some people who were obviously in love. I found plenty. Took photos of some. Love…it’s the reason why.      

Espressarte (Roma Norte)

I had barely walked into Espressarte and I could tell it was different. No music, no fancy lighting or artwork, no distracting decor. Just a barista behind the bar weighing scoops of coffee to the nearest bean while three mesmerized customers studied her every move. They watched as one might watch a street artist etch a name onto a piece of rice, or a sculptor turn a block of marble into a bouquet of roses. She was in charge. The mood-setter. Mastery ensured by expert and calculated moves. Her conversational skills kept her customers relaxed, laughing. This strengthened her rapport….