Book Status And More

Back in late February, I left my home in Carrboro, NC and drove cross country to Portland, OR. I temporarily settled in the Rose City and am working a long-term, on-site consulting contract with one of my premier clients. Upon arrival, I tried to incorporate book-writing into my daily schedule. But unlike writers who work their manuscript into a busy life, I shelved my work-in-progress … Continue reading Book Status And More

A Month in Morocco: To Be a Better Man

I napped while the train rolled north along the west coast. As the steel wheels lumbered along rust-pitted tracks, I dreamed of men shouting at me in Arabic. I woke up confused—and a look out the window made me think of Baja. Trash fires dotted the sandy, barren stretches while kids on ratty bicycles rode along the parallel tracks, throwing rocks. The ocean was flat … Continue reading A Month in Morocco: To Be a Better Man