A Month in Morocco: One Day in Lisbon

I flew into Lisbon, Portugal because it was the cheapest airline destination closest to Morocco. Spent a grand total of 24-hours walking around the vicinity of Traveller’s House Hostel on Rua Augusta in the Baixia neighborhood. The manager, João, was a real class-act. Seriously, this dude was a mensch and welcomed guests like they were prodigal children. Not only was he fluent in like a hundred languages, but he also was a master at the lost art of drawing kick-ass strip-maps. João was a fellow artist and recommended I check out the LX Factory in Alcantara. It’s sort of a Mecca for street artists and reminded me of (the now closed) 5Pointz in Queens. Big, fantastic and colorful art was everywhere. And even in the tiny nooks I found intriguing pieces and statements. A crop of stuff was hidden in a dark alley away from pedestrian traffic. One piece etched in Asian script said, “Haikus Rule.” Another in messy purple spray paint said, “You can count on me.” And near a bunch of ranting and mostly illegible junk tags was, “Fukda Cops. Vinguemos [Avenge] Mike Brown.” I liked this seedier part of Lisbon. Seems this is often where people have the most interesting stuff to say. IMG_7688

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