Countdown Story #8: Bristol, VA

After crossing into Virginia, I beeline toward the nearest gas station where I’ll celebrate another state with bad coffee and a big danish. Along the way I pass a marquee at the entrance of St. Anne’s Catholic Church. It says, “In the tapestry of life, we are all connected.”   I park Little Buddy on the quiet side of a station mini-mart and head inside … Continue reading Countdown Story #8: Bristol, VA

Countdown Story #6: San Antonio, TX

Ray and Jimmy invite me to their alley stoop then commiserate about their friendship. “You know how sometimes God puts someone in your path?” Ray says. “That’s what happened with us.” Their adoring eyes meet. Ray lets out a nervous laugh. “Yeah. It’s our energy that brought us together,” Jimmy says. They take turns telling me where to go and what to do in San … Continue reading Countdown Story #6: San Antonio, TX

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BOOK RELEASE and All Links Go Live on 12/5!

After two and a half years of writing and rewriting, editing and re-editing, revising and re-revising, I finally have an official release date for my book about my journey across America! With a Good Heart: A Walk From LA to Brooklyn is taking flight on Saturday 12/5. Additionally, a companion book of poetry is also being released on the same day. Imagine the Sea: One … Continue reading BOOK RELEASE and All Links Go Live on 12/5!