Walk Across America 2018

Hi Folks!

On January 2, 2018, I began a 6-month journey afoot across the USA. Stared at the Santa Monica pier and hope to make it to the Atlantic coast.

The adventure is made possible by the help of all my GoFundMe campaign supporters. You can still help out if you’d like. Click here!

As of May 17, I’ve made it to Texarkana, Arkansas. Happy to finally be across the length of Texas!

And heads up – I’m altering my original route! Now, instead of heading towards the northeast from Little Rock, I’ll stay south. Planning to cross the Mississippi River at Helena, AR then head due east across Mississippi and Alabama, then veer north into Tennessee and North Carolina. Probably end at Topsail Beach, NC.

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More adventues to come…so check back often!


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