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I desperately wanted to get one more trip in before heading out on my walk across America. This one was last-minute but turned out to be one of the most memorable. Not only was I wildly productive with my novel-in-progress, but for the first time I really allowed myself to be a part of the local scene.

Ain’t No Drag: Any chance you get you should seek out experiences you’d never expect yourself to do. Like this one.

D.F Poetry of Sensibility: Inspired by a book of Japanese poems, I tell part one of my adventures in similar poetic form.

Leave Home to Get Home: Wrapping up a quick trip that included dressing in drag, novel writing, and going to a lucha libra match.


A last-minute and brief return to Roma Norte. The sole purpose was to focus on my novel but I also drank a lot of amazing coffee, tried some local micro-brew, and got a couple new tattoos. (Orizaba 167)

A Short Week in Roma Norte, Again: Everything I love about Mexico City packed into 8ish days.


After falling in love with the Federal District back in February, I decided to end my work season with another writing retreat to Mexico. This time I came with an intention to put a big dent in my novel, possibly also wrapping up a few other projects I’ve got cooking. But all work and no play makes Tom a dull boy. So of course I did a little bit of this and that, too. (Yucatan 99)

David in Mexico: A replica of Michelangelo’s masterpiece transports me to the 90s

Es Como Un Sueño: The effect of novel writing on a dysfunctional writer needing espresso

Traditional Hand Made Yummy: A day of wandering and considering simplification

Laundry in a Pasta Pot: One thing I learned in the Army – adapt and survive

Christmas Day 30k: An 18-mile run that includes husky puppies and tarot cards

Hasta Mi Próximo Corte de Pelo: I buy something called “Teddy Boy” and blog about it

Esfumarse (to vanish): Final thoughts on my December trip


Part 1: I got a little lonely so I left my apartment, seeking some love

Part 2: Love, in this city, is inescapable


In February 2016 I visited Mexico City. Mostly it was meant to be a writing trip, but I managed to get out and about on the regular. For two weeks I stayed in the Del Valle neighborhood and got around either on foot or on the DF’s amazing Metro (subway). I blogged every few days, and late in the trip decided to explore and write about the city’s specialty coffee scene. All in all it was a blast and I can’t wait to come back.

Dog in Mexico: First post while getting acquainted with the Distrito Federal

Pass it Up: Went to see Frida, saw the Pope instead

Turista: My guts vs. mercado pizza

Smith & Carlos, 1968: Visit to Estadio Olímpico Universitario

Las Cosas Chiadas, Rólalas: Casa Azul and Leon Trotsky’s digs

The Place Where Gods Are Born: Time and context at Teotihuacán ruins

Classic Modern: Vintage Volkswagens in Mexico City

Getting Home Again: Final post during 6-hour layover in Houston


Tour de Espresso: Embarking on my search for Mexico City’s best espresso

Café Avellaneda (Coyoacán): My first taste of specialty coffee in DF

Café Irecrís (Roma Sur): Unexpected treat at Mercado el Cien

Café Comuna (Roma Sur): A nose to die for

Cardinal, Casa de Café (Roma Sur): If you come back, this is your home

Café Etrusca (Rome Norte): Original product, so-so service

Café Passmar (Del Valle): Looks like Keurig, tastes like magic

Gradios Deli-Café (Roma Norte): A full cup of baked goods, espresso style

Espressarte (Roma Norte): Where the secret ingredient is love

Chiquitito Café (Cuauhtémoc): Licking the batter bowl clean


Ever since 1991 when I was in the military stationed in Germany, I’ve wanted to take the ferry across the Mediterranean Sea to North Africa. In November 2014, I did just that during a five-week trip to Morocco via Portugal and Spain. In this blog I paired some of my most memorable moments with a sketch. It was a fantastic journey – thanks for giving it a look!

Pre-Departure Blog

Blog #1: Problems Simplifying

Blog #2: Day One in Lisbon

Blog #3: Ferry to Africa

Blog #4: Tangier’s Literary Scene

Blog #5: From Fear to Vulnerability

Blog #6: Getting Used to the Hustle

Blog #7: Blame it on the Hash

Blog #8: Berber Hospitality

Blog #9: Gato Marroqui

Blog #10: Remembering How to Travel

Blog #11: Shave and Shine

Blog #12: God Willing

Blog #13: Intuition

Blog #14: Atlas Dragons

Blog #15: Desert Elder

Blog #16: Wasting Time

Blog #17: Waiting For the Bus

Blog #18: Time

Blog #19: Needing People

Blog #20: The Sound of Africa

Blog #21: And Then I Got High

Blog #22: Meat Perfume

Blog #23: Topped Off With a Kiss

Blog #24: Vacilando

Blog #25: When in Rome…

Blog #26: To Be a Better Man

Blog #27: Hijacked

Blog #28: My Foreign Home (Final Entry)



In May 2014, I hiked the Oregon Coast Trail (OCT). Upon my return I revisited my journal entries then wrote daily blogs (after the fact) to trace my thru-hike. Enjoy!

Final Blog Before Starting the OCT

Day 1: OCT South Trailhead/Crissey Field to Lone Ranch in Samuel Boardman State Park

Day 2: Lone Ranch to Gold Beach Visitor’s Center

Day 3: Gold Beach Visitor’s Center to Sister’s Rock

Day 4: Sister’s Rock to Paradise Point

Day 5: Paradise Point to Floras Lake

Day 6: Floras Lake to Bullards Beach State Park

Day 7: Zero Mileage Day at Bullards Beach State Park

Day 8: Bullards Beach State Park to North Bend

Day 9: North Bend to William Tugman State Park

Day 10: William Tugman State Park to Jessie Honeyman State Park

Day 11: Jessie Honeyman State Park to Carl Washburne State Park

Day 12: Carl Washburne State Park to Waldport

Day 13: Waldport to Beverly Beach State Park

Day 14: Zero Mileage Day at Beverly Beach State Park

Day 15: Beverly Beach State Park to Neskowin Beach

Day 16: Neskowin Beach to Tillamook

Day 17: Tillamook to Manzanita Beach

Day 18: Manzanita Beach to Cannon Beach

Day 19: Zero Mileage Day at Cannon Beach

Day 20: Cannon Beach to Ft. Stevens State Park

Day 21: Ft Stevens State Park to Columbia River/OCT North Trailhead

Day 22: Final Entry


In 2006, my best friend Kent and I traveled to China and Mongolia. Why? Why not. Fact is, Mongolia especially had always been intriguing. As a kid I thought my globe was defective because Mongolia (I remember it being pink) didn’t have any cities listed within its borders. Probably because there were less than 1M people in the entire country.