I am a writer. Dabble in all genres. I am also an explorer, thrilled by discovery. If I haven’t been there, I want to go.

My business, TG Training & Education, combines all the things I am best at: teaching, traveling, and connecting with others. Thankfully, it pays the bills (most of the time).

I seek out specialty cafés. I love hitting up barbershops.

My myriad life experience makes me who I am. Been around the block a few times. Worked as a teacher, corporate trainer, running store operator, roofer, Army soldier, stevedore, winery cellar worker, forklift operator, tour guide, warehouse manager, short-order cook, race announcer, visual artist, photographer, animal caregiver, recreation leader, anthropologist, copy editor, ice cream scooper, voice-over talent, bartender, life coach, and a second-hand junk slinger.

I believe life’s too short to sit back and watch it go by. I prefer to seek out purposefully vulnerable experiences. I don’t intend to be ordinary.

Hit me up on Facebook, Instagram @tomswalkinglife, or Twitter. Can’t wait to hear from you!


2 thoughts on “Bio

  1. Hi Tom, it’s good to see your face and visit your blog. I hope you are well – you seem to be full of life as always!


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